Rick Cotter

Experience: A proud Okie born in Oklahoma City, with 40+ years in the construction industry. I did not pursue college formally, although I have completed several classes pertaining to small business and construction.

Why McRoof: A few of the things that I am very proud of with McRoof is the devotion to highest level service, quality products and installation with an ongoing desire to affect the community, particularly the elderly and our veterans. My desire is to create a customer experience for our McRoof clients that is so personal, thorough and pleasant that it creates an excitement to share with others and become what we call Raving Fans.

Family: I have six wonderful kids. Five boys and my youngest is a girl. My heart for the youth has created opportunity for mentorship and ministry through the years that have been incredibly fulfilling. I now have one grandbaby in Weatherford that’s almost 2 years old that I enjoy thoroughly.

Hobbies: Some hobbies that I enjoy are traveling just about anywhere, photography, hiking, staying in shape and enjoying God’s creation.

Favorite Movies: I tend to enjoy action movies sometimes and enjoy heartfelt dramas generally positive and upbeat like “Pay it forward”.