Linda Stokes

Position: VP Administration/Solutions Support

Education: Lewis & Clark University (Certified Life Coach)

Why McRoof:  I chose to work with McRoof because of the values they exemplify – putting the client first, advocating for the client, growth and learning, integrity, continuous improvement to name a few

Family: My husband and I have been married since 1981.  Our children are Jeremy and his wife Ariane (and their two kids, Tayler & Christian), Benjamin, Dorotha and her husband Brian (and their three kids, Jude, Madi, and Anabelle), Samantha, William and his wife Morgan.

Hobbies/Interests: I love hanging out with my family which gets bigger every year, as well as traveling ANYWHERE, but beach and mountain destinations are my current favorite.

Favorite book:  “The Soul of Money” and “It Starts with Food”

Favorite movie:  “Second Hand Lions” and “Remember the Titans”

Favorite quote:  “Our ability to choose is a gift, but it is also a huge responsibility. No matter what today’s “it’s not my fault” culture encourages, we are all ultimately responsible for our own choices.”  Julie Davis-Colan