Green Roof Installation

Green Roof On Top of a City Building

Green Roofs Provide Many Benefits for the Area Around Them.

There is a special type of roofing that is energy efficient and eco-friendly that allows you to grow plants on your roof. This type of roof is aptly named green roofing and it has grown in popularity in recent years. The roof system itself has several different layers to it in order to prevent the roots of the plants from damaging the roof. These roofs also assist with water drainage and are highly waterproof. If you would like more information about installing a green roof in Oklahoma City, OK, contact McRoof at (877) 492-9383. We are here to answer all your questions and help you understand how your building could benefit from a green roof.

Benefits of a Green Roof

Green Roof on a House

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A green roof provides many different benefits, for both the building and the area around the building. This is especially true when green roofing is installed in large metropolitan areas that have limited vegetation. A green roof installed in the city can improve the air quality by filter smog through photosynthesis. Green roofs also have a cooling effect because they don’t absorb heat as quickly as concrete and because it emits moisture. There are also more breezes in areas that one or more green roof systems. In addition to the quality of air and lower temperature, green roofs also create additional park like spaces when they are installed on flat roofing systems.

While greens roofs provide many different benefits for the outdoor environment, they also offer plenty of benefits for the building itself. The main benefit is increased energy efficiency. Each of the different layers of roofing material create a strong insulation for the building, lowering the amount of hot or cold air leaving the building through the roof. A green roof also protects your roofing materials, so you will have to replace your roof less often if you choose to install one.

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If you want to learn more about the benefits of green roofing, contact our office. We can answer all your questions and determine if your roof is a good candidate for a green roof in Oklahoma City, OK. McRoof offers green roof installation services because we want to make our city better for everyone. Call us at (877) 492-9383 if you would like to be a part of that movement.