KTOK-AM Roofing Radio Show

Our roofing company is committed to helping our clients understand the best options for home and roof repair.   We know that you can have a lot of questions about your roof.  We are here to answer all those questions.  Unfortunately, if all we did was answer the phone, we’d never get around to roofing.  So, we partnered with KTOK-AM radio to host a show about home and roof repair, where we discuss common roof and home repair concerns and answer questions that our clients might have about getting a roof replacement, or restoration.

Tune in to KTOK-AM on the Weekends

KTOK-AM broadcast news, weather and traffic to the area around Oklahoma City.  While much of the station’s primary focus is keeping the public informed on current events, during the weekends, the station broadcasts programs that provide their audience with practical tips for everyday living, including a show from McRoof.

Mcroof on Home Repair with Scott McCollum and Gwin Faulkner Lippert broadcasts on Saturday mornings from 10 to 11 a.m. Our goal with this show is to provide you with practical tips on how to repair, maintain and possibly remodel your home.

We’re Here to Answer Your Questions

KTOK-AM isn’t our only radio spot.  We’ve also been featured on the Dave Ramsey Radio show to answer questions about the finances of a roof repair or replacements.  With all our radio shows, the goal is to give our clients the information you need to better understand your roof, when it needs to be replaced and how to keep it in the best shape for the lowest cost.  If you have other questions or need to schedule repairs or restoration for your residential or commercial roof, call our office at (877) 492-9383.

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